More tunes for your Sunday morning.

A friend on Facebook yesterday said he was jonesing for some Real Country Music. Today’s tune was my contribution. This here is for all you unfortunate souls who have only heard the wildly overplayed and quite inferior Johnny Lee/Lane Brody song of the same name. I heard it on Sirius a long time ago and was floored by its awesomeness. But then again, it’s Ernest Tubb; how could it not be good?

Exit question: I have never liked Johnny Lee; does that make me a bad Texan?


2 Responses to “More tunes for your Sunday morning.”

  1. Les Says:

    Sometime about 1965 or 1966, Ernest Tubb and his band set up about the fifty yard line of Calhoun High School’s stadium one evening and, with one side of the stadium’s lights on, gave a concert. Not much notice, don’t remember how much it cost. Not much, if I was there. I remember him singing “I’ll walk the line” among other songs. I wasn’t a fan, hadn’t heard of him before. It was my mother’s music after all. But since then, I’ve been a fan. I have learned to appreciate my mother’s taste in music.
    Don’t know who Johnny Lee is, have to look him up. But how can you be a bad Texan if you like Ernest Tubb?

  2. southtexaspistolero Says:

    Don’t know who Johnny Lee is, have to look him up.

    This was his biggest hit, from the Urban Cowboy soundtrack. And the others weren’t really any better.

    And you would be a bad Texan if you didn’t like Ernest Tubb. 😉

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