So much fail packed into two comments…

…that I hardly know where to begin:

It’s remarkable that this bizzaro character had so many no. 1 hits–more than Gene Watson, Moe Bandy, and Vern Gosdin combined….

I seem to remember that when I first started listening to country radio, they would play these paeans to suburbia John Conlee–one where he reveled in cub scout meetings and his cocker spaniel “always having puppies”; another where he sang about wanting to drink “Budweiser Beer” and take his woman to McDonald’s. If those were the prime cuts, it’s scary to imagine what the album filler must have sounded like–if anyone was actually buying the albums. I suppose it might be worth getting one of those CD’s (they probably go for a penny plus shipping) as a goof–or to torture someone who asks for a ride in my car.

Okay, yeah. “Domestic Life” sucked donkey balls. Truth be told I always found that song only slightly less offensive than “Mr. Mom.” But really, thinking that song was representative of John Conlee’s oeuvre is akin to thinking “I’m A People” was representative of the oeuvre of George Jones. Maybe I’d have dismissed John Conlee if I heard it before any of his other stuff, but I like to think I would have come around — because if I hadn’t, I never would have heard this gem:


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