Another red-letter day.

Albatross, in comments here on Queensryche with Todd La Torre, back in July:

La Torre now is not what Tate was then. But, you know what? That was still pretty good. La Torre today is La Torre today, and if they released an album with that guy on the vocals, I’d buy it.

Well, time to save the cash, because that album has its long-awaited street date:

Billboard has exclusively learned that rock band Queensryche has signed with metal label Century Media Records for a worldwide record deal. The group will release its next album — its first with singer Todd La Torre — on June 11.

Century Media looks to be a pretty reputable label as far as metal bands go, too; on its roster are, among others, Iced Earth, Arch Enemy, and Triptykon. Quite a contrast from some of the ’80s hair bands the guys are currently appearing with here and there, although I am given to believe some of the upcoming European dates feature more current metal bands. Can’t wait for this one.


In the meantime, Tater and the Scabs also have a release date for their new album. But the funny part of that is, they’re going to have a different cast of musicians playing on that album than the people Tater announced as part of his “all-star” lineup. Longtime Tater associate Jason Slater tried to spin that as “use the best musicians you have access to.”

Such strikes me as just so much self-serving bullshit, really, because if you have one set of people playing on the record and another set of people playing the songs live, then it’s not so much a real band as it is a “singer” and his supporting cast (and of course I use the term singer here in a very loose sense). Not to mention the fact that the people behind the “music” of Tater and the Scabs — Tater, Kelly Gray, Randy Gane, and Jason Slater — are the very people responsible for the decline of the Queensryche brand in recent years. (And don’t even get me started on the re-recordings of old songs that Tater can’t even sing anymore.)

I wouldn’t be surprised if the powers that be at Century Media agree, considering they signed Queensryche to their main label and signed Tater and the Scabs to a subsidiary label.



One Response to “Another red-letter day.”

  1. Albatross Says:

    Ooh, something to look forward to in the summer!

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