And in related news…

this right here is richer than ten deep-fried Snickers bars:

Former MEGADETH and KING DIAMOND guitarist Glen Drover — who left Geoff Tate’s version of QUEENSRŸCHE before playing a single show with the band — will join the Todd La Torre-fronted QUEENSRŸCHE on stage this coming Thursday, March 7 at the Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada to perform the QUEENSRŸCHE classic “Take Hold Of The Flame”.

In a posting on his Twitter account, Glen wrote: “Going up onstage with the REAL QUEENSRŸCHE and play ‘Take Hold Of The Flame’ this thursday at the Phoenix in Toronto. Going to be fun stuff!”

Pamela Moore, James Barton, Chris DeGarmo and now Glen Drover? That’s gotta smart — especially since, as one BM poster put it, this will mean that Drover will have played more music with Queensryche than he did with Tater and his scabs…



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