Random hit.

At this point I am thinking maybe Geoff Tate and Scott Weiland should form their own musical duo. Maybe they could call it DXF (or Delta X-ray Foxtrot, even), for Delusional Ex-Frontmen. I don’t know if both egos would fit in the same room, but hey, it’s worth a shot. Or maybe they could fight each other to the death.

(Speaking of Tater and his Scabs, you know what I find funny about the Texas part of their tour? San Antonio is the only major Texas city in which Tateryche isn’t making an appearance. I don’t know why, considering the fact that (from what I understand) Queensryche has always been hugely popular here…)

Funny thing, though — I have yet to see anyone claim with Weiland that the singer IS the band the way they do with Tate. Why do you think that is?



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