So it doesn’t just happen here…

SayUncle, a couple of days ago:

I’ve been listening to the “new rock” station…and by “new rock”, they mean the same shit they are playing when I stopped listening ten years ago with the occasional newish song tossed in.

This reminded me of last weekend when we were driving back into San Antonio from Houston, and we had the radio on 99.5 KISS. The deejay was talking about the reunited Soundgarden and mentioned the band’s new album King Animal…right before they launched into “Black Hole Sun” (which, incidentally, turns 20 years old this year).

And it makes me wonder. What’s the point in having an allegedly modern rock station if it plays little if any modern rock? Of course it’s not as if anyone at Cox Radio gives a shit, apparently, since they’re marketing the station as “San Antonio’s No. 1 rock station” — against two classic rock stations, one of which they own, to boot. (And truth be told I’d rather listen to those.)

Beyond the marketing, though, it certainly calls into question how terrestrial modern rock radio in particular is maintaining its relevance in the age of things like YouTube and satellite radio. From what I can tell it’s doing a piss-poor job, in the case of 99.5 KISS coasting on past glories. Seriously, if a given radio station is going to play music from a certain genre, you’d think it’d play new music from said genre in order to keep itself relevant and vital.

But I’m just a listener. What do I know, right?


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2 Responses to “So it doesn’t just happen here…”

  1. Sabra Morse Onstott Says:

    OMFG, KISS pisses me off so much. They used to play new stuff. They fired Lisle and Hahn because they wanted a younger demographic. You can’t get a younger demographic when 90% of your music is older than the people you’re trying to attract!

    And I’m not asking for much, just for them to play new stuff from the bands they’re already playing. If I like 15-year-old Everclear songs I’m probably going to like five-month-old Everclear songs. This isn’t fucking rocket science. SA doesn’t have a decent rock station; we’ve got three classic rock stations. You’d think the fucking genre had evaporated. They are worse than you are for thinking the only rock music is metal.

  2. southtexaspistolero Says:

    SA doesn’t have a decent rock station; we’ve got three classic rock stations.

    Pretty much. I’m sure Joe Anthony is spinning in his grave with what’s happened with KISS.

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