Well, here go more of my libertarian credentials, maybe…

…but I can’t help but think this might be a good thing:

When a Texan buys a concert ticket, is it a license to have a great time or does it become personal property that can be sold or traded?

Texas lawmakers plan to take up the question that has triggered legislative fights in other states and could determine how tickets for concerts, sports or any other major event are sold, resold or even taken away. An attempt to wrangle tickets to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo last month put a spotlight on the problem.

The rodeo discovered that season ticket holders, sponsors and others who had tickets to a George Strait concert were reselling their tickets, some for as high as $11,000. Rodeo staff decided that reselling the tickets for a higher value violated the terms of the ticket and cancelled 5,000 of them in order to resell the tickets to someone else.

The story never went on to say anything about the ticket brokers that I was bitching about, but I’d like to think they’ll be dealt with, too. A lot of good people’s reputations are taking a hit right now because of the way things are set up. Just as an example, I remember people bitching about the George Strait tickets and how “he is gouging his loyal fans” or some such nonsense. Well, as pissed off as I was about that whole thing, I know damn good and well it wasn’t Strait’s fault. And I don’t think he could have gotten away with dictating to Ticketmaster how they could sell their tickets.

I don’t know. I would hardly say the government would be the first place to turn to fix this, but the current state of affairs is, well, quite unfair. Sure, people talk about a free market, but is it really that much of a free market if one or two big players are crowding it with the express purpose of snatching up the goods to sell them at wildly inflated prices before others can get them at the prices the original sellers deemed a fair-market price? You’d think Ticketmaster at least would have taken action before now. After all, it’s not as if they benefited from anyone charging $10,000 for a front-row seat to that particular show. It’d be great if the private parties involved here would take action first, but if they don’t, then what remains to be done?


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One Response to “Well, here go more of my libertarian credentials, maybe…”

  1. wildriver Says:

    It’s called capitalism, and the government has no place in it.

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