Such is how it should be

From the Chron’s Texas on the Potomac blog:

Despite Obama’s efforts, Texas Republicans feeling no pressure to enact new gun laws

Well, good. The only pressure they should be feeling is from their constituents, who are probably telling them to tell the president to take his gun control laws and blow them out his arse.

And damned if that speech wasn’t some grade-A blood dancing. “Shame on us if we’ve forgotten.” No, dude, shame on you for using the deaths of innocents to advocate for laws that wouldn’t have stopped their killer anyway.

After all, he didn’t get those guns legally. They were legally owned anyway. He killed his mother and broke into her safe. (h/t Jeff in comments)



2 Responses to “Such is how it should be”

  1. Bob S. Says:

    Regardless what the Newtown murderer did, I haven’t broken the law.
    Regardless what you may or may not have forgotten on your many vacations / golf outings Mr. President; I haven’t forgotten.

    So tell me Mr. President; exactly how any of the proposed laws or regulations would stop someone from doing it all over again?

    Truth is, and let me be clear here, no ‘gun control law’ you or Congress pass will ever stop another massacre.

    So why don’t you pull your head out of your lower intestinal opening and focus on the mentally ill and the criminals out there.

  2. Jeff Bauer Says:

    According to the article, Lanza didn’t break into his mother’s safe to steal guns: he had his own firearms and safe.

    Regardless…CT’s already stringent firearms laws didn’t protect the children in Sandy Hook, nor will more laws. Laws are pretty much “after the crime” tools to prosecute criminals.

    The bottom line remains: law abiding citizens abide by the law. Criminals do not.

    And I hasten to add that had one or two properly trained school staff been carrying that day, a single, well-placed shot would have averted the tragedy that unfolded. But that makes too much sense…

    As for Obama’s blood dance: he’s the Opportunist-in-Chief. You expected anything else?

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