And, once again, it’s all the fault of the guns…

not the fault of the thugs who wield them.

Why doesn’t Leonard Pitts talk about the fact that Jonylah Watkins’ father was the actual target of her killer? Maybe if he hadn’t been tangled up with shady people she’d still be alive. And as for Antonio West’s killer, well, there’s really not much you can say about a 17-year-old who would shoot a baby between the eyes because his mother didn’t have any money. But it’s worth asking where that kid came from and what kind of influences he was under that would cause him to do something like that. Latest news is it might be — wait for it! — gang-related.

Now, many times Pitts has bemoaned the environment which breeds this sort of thing. He deserves credit for that. But maybe he should keep talking about that, because as long as that environment persists, nothing’s going to change.



One Response to “And, once again, it’s all the fault of the guns…”

  1. Les Says:

    Every so often Pitts absolutely hits the mark. But mostly he is two faced about everything. He doesn’t like lynchings of blacks in the early 1900’s and writes about them often. But he advocates Social Justice which is lynching by a different name. He was one of the advocates of the medial lynching of Mr. Zimmerman, for example. He is against discrimination towards blacks but is okay with discrimination towards others. He believes the solution to dealing with bad people is to disarm their possible victims. He accuses the U.S. of being obsessed with firearms when really the people obsessed is the left, whether Hollywood, the media or the politicians. Like so many he is only interested in gun violence, any other victim need not apply for sympathy.
    Most other folks just want to be left alone, with means for defense against truly bad people in government and out, with the proper tools for hunting and recreation, collecting and protection of property and life.
    The left has turned firearms into some kind of religious icon, they are fascinated by them, terrified by them and refuse to be educated about them. Look how they treat the very young in schools, i.e. the toast’em popup “gun”. They are the original witch burners.

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