Wow, I felt that burn all the way out here here:

A judge Thursday sentenced Chad Holley to six months in jail followed by seven years of probation for a 2012 burglary he pleaded guilty to in January….

“I know you get the hardest of the hardest,” attorney Letitia Quinones argued to the judge. “But you also get kids who make stupid decisions.”

Prosecutor Nathan Hennigan pointed out that Holley, who doesn’t have a job, bought drugs with money his mother receives from Social Security for her sister.

“You converted money from social security into marijuana, didn’t you?” Hennigan asked the teen on the witness stand.

“This isn’t about what’s best for Chad Holley,” Hennigan argued. “This is about ensuring that when the citizens of Harris County go home for lunch, Chad Holley won’t be in their living room, stealing their television.”


He’s exactly right, of course. But I’m going to call it right now. Chad Holley will go on to bigger and better things — just like this guy and so many like him did. If, of course, he doesn’t end up on the business end of a gun as he’s trying to jack something else.



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