Ted Cruz does Texas proud again.

How? By refusing to be bullied by a gun control advocate.

Heartless? Maybe it is, but at this point I really don’t care. I hate that Erica Lafferty’s mother was killed, but putting more restrictions on the people that didn’t do it isn’t going to bring her mother back. I understand that she had a terrible tragedy visited upon her, but let’s be brutally honest. She is letting her emotions get the best of her, and that is never a good way — let alone the best way — to decide upon legislation that affects the natural rights of Americans. Of course, the entire gun control argument is driven by emotion, but it’s always ratcheted up to insane levels by tragedies such as this. But just because they scream louder doesn’t give their arguments any more merit. In fact, you might even say it gives them less. Good for Ted Cruz for refusing to bend to the will of a bully.



2 Responses to “Ted Cruz does Texas proud again.”

  1. AeroDillo Says:

    You’ve been heard, sweetie. Too bad you’re an idiot.

    Seriously – I want to know at what point we as a society decided that suffering and loss imparted some keen sense of wisdom. Why all of sudden it’s the best course of action to listen to somebody in the throes of grief.

    Make no mistake – I’m not without sympathy for victims here. But it does have its limits. Cry, scream, look through your old pictures…whatever gets you through the night. By all means, grieve. Get through it. Get past it. Move on with your life like the rest of us have had to at one point or another.

    But take the chip off your shoulder when you come to talk with me.

  2. 3boxesofbs Says:

    She calls not just her Representative and Senator but others — Right to Petition for Redress.
    She is published in the media – No Abridgment of the Press.
    She is speaking out publicly without censorship – Right to Free Speech.
    I’m sure she has meet with others on this issue – Right to Assemble.

    Now I’m going to use my right to Free Speech — Ms. Lafferty, a few questions for you.

    Thousands of women are prostitutes; should you have to have a background check before you go out in public to make sure you aren’t breaking the law?
    Thousands of women have murdered their children; will you submit to a background check, mental health records including before having children or every couple of years to make sure you are still fit to be a parent?

    Probably not and you shouldn’t have to. YOU didn’t do anything wrong.
    Well guess what ma’am; neither did I.
    So You’ve been heard but I refuse to submit to additional restrictions on my rights due to the actions of another.

    My sympathy for her loss runs short when she tries to use that loss to strip me of my rights.

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