Sunday musings.

Oh, isn’t this special, Joe Biden using his own wife and kids as props in his gun control crusade — and they weren’t even killed with guns, for crying out loud! There is apparently no level to which these people will not sink.

And, well, the Express-News may well be right here. There may well not be any kind of gun registry waiting in the wings. All that means, though, is that a universal background check law is pretty much unenforceable. The only way it would ever really work is with a national gun registry, because if you don’t track where the guns go after that initial FFL transfer, there is no way to know whether those guns were sold to prohibited people after it.

Which, of course, again brings up the obvious question: if there are people out there so dangerous that they supposedly shouldn’t have guns, why are they not in jail in the first place?



One Response to “Sunday musings.”

  1. GomeznSA Says:

    I wouldn’t trust the ‘opinion’ of the EN any further than I can throw it. They are merely obfuscating in this case (photo from Florida?) – the expressed goal of any and all of the hoplophobes and gun grabbers has ALWAYS been total disarmament of law abiding Citizens. Nothing has been shown to indicate that they have abandoned that goal. While it MAY be true that there is no specific registration scheme waiting in the wings (this time), anything that infringes on the 2nd Amendment is an incremental step towards that goal.

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