A word to all you drummers out there.

Unless your name is Neil Peart (or maybe Scott Rockenfield), don’t do this.

Why? Because it just makes you look like a pretentious tool — especially if you’re helping the sociopathic ex-frontman of  the band that created the progressive metal genre shit all over what’s left of his former band’s legacy as the members that are left try to rebuild it after he wrecked it.



2 Responses to “A word to all you drummers out there.”

  1. peter Says:

    I watched about a minute & a half of it. Parts of it were ok i suppose. It seemed that his main plan was to be really fast more than rhythmic. Unlike Neil Peart whose solos are essentially a song in their own right. With Neil, it all fits together and actually sounds planned out.

    • southtexaspistolero Says:

      Yeah, exactly. The way Neil does it, I think that’s by and large the only way a drum solo really works. Otherwise it’s just so much musical masturbation.

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