So, despite the lies, freedom scores a small victory…

…and the Narcissist-in-Chief is none too happy about it:

A visibly infuriated President Barack Obama surrounded himself with tear-stained parents of Connecticut school shooting victims Wednesday and declared it a “pretty shameful day for Washington” after the Senate rejected a measure designed to make it tougher for criminals to get their hands on guns….

“The fact is most of these senators could not offer any good reason why we wouldn’t want to make it harder for criminals and those with severe mental illness to buy a gun,” Obama said. “There were no coherent arguments as to why we wouldn’t do this.”

Well, yes there were, not least of all the fact that such a bill wouldn’t do a damn thing to keep criminals out of free society. And who is he to say that “special interests” scuttled this? If the support for more stringent gun laws is supposedly so strong, why aren’t legislators being persuaded to vote for it? I’m going to bet that those supposed “special interests” were actually gun owners calling and telling their reps, “Hey, if you vote for this, you can kiss that cushy job of yours goodbye.”

And it all brings something else to mind: For all the left accuses the NRA and other gun-rights organizations of selling fear and paranoia, it would seem that a lot of people are buying it. Such is not a good commentary on how the left views those people. But I’m not surprised. For all they like to peddle the narrative about how we all agree with them, every now and then they get a stinging reminder that we don’t.



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