Jacob Sullum makes my point, only better…


Obama and Giffords both insist the senators who voted against new gun controls did so not out of conviction but out of fear—specifically, fear that they would be defeated the next time they run for re-election. If their constituents “overwhelmingly favored expanding background checks,” however, wouldn’t voting for the bill mandating those have been the politically expedient thing to do?…

If you have an argument to make, make it. But do not assume that the only possible explanation for your failure to persuade people is their bad faith or lack of compassion.

Indeed. Of course, the gun control crowd is never going to acknowledge that, because if they did, they’d have to examine their entire set of beliefs. That, of course, would require them to use — wait for it! — logic…and…reason. And we all know that the entire gun control side of this debate is driven by feelings and emotion, which are pretty much the exact opposites of logic and reason. If 90 percent of the people supported what was up for the vote in the Senate Wednesday, it likely would have been reflected in that vote. Either that 90 percent figure is a lie, or the majority of that 90 percent didn’t really care enough about the issue to call their senators and urge them to vote for the measures. Or there’s always a third option, which is probably most likely — a much smaller majority favored those measures, perhaps even a minority, and only a small portion of them cared enough to call their senators. And they were probably still vastly outnumbered. After all, only about 28,000 people are members of the Brady Campaign — but almost 10 times that many people joined the NRA in the month of December 2012 by itself, and the actual membership of the NRA is about 4.5 million.

Which makes it really funny that they’re crying on Facebook about Congress ignoring the will of the people. Sounds to me like Congress was listening.



2 Responses to “Jacob Sullum makes my point, only better…”

  1. Bob S. Says:

    Math is hard for the anti rights cultists.

    A quick check of contact records should show the truth; more people called to say no to tub control. I would bet a 10 to 1 margin.

  2. mattexian Says:

    Since the Libs are always crying that their constituent groups are disenfranchised, in spite of littering those neighborhoods with the voter registration cards every election season, they apparently realise that if folks don’t vote, their vote isn’t counted. Similarly, if one doesn’t call one’s Representative to advise on the issues, then one shouldn’t cry foul when the Reps vote to the contrary to one’s wishes. (Personally, I was using a LOT of ones and zeros to send emails to my Congresscritters, courtesy the GOA alert site.) Not that I really believe that magical 90% figure. Maybe we should turn it around on them, suggest a criminal background check and fees for anyone wanting to blog or write editorial letters, to make sure the wrong people don’t get their hands on the tools to exercise their First Amendment rights.

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