I bet you will notice the same thing I did here.

So all these people are pissed off that the Express-News allegedly printed instructions on how to build a pressure-cooker bomb…

…yet not a single one of them is calling for common-sense regulation of the media. You know, for teh childrenses. A three-business-day waiting period. Because you know the E-N ran this in a fit of passion. Perhaps even a ban on running inflammatory material like this. After all, no one needs to know these things. They can just throw Molotov cocktails into the stands.

Hey, if that sort of thing is fine for the Second Amendment, surely it’s fine for the First, jawohl?


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3 Responses to “I bet you will notice the same thing I did here.”

  1. mick Says:

    Letters to the editor? Wow, that’s really hitting the bottom of the barrel there as far as rational thought goes.

    Speaking of retroactively disturbing things in the media, I read this article on how dangerous pressure cookers can be early this month and saw Peter Griffin as a Massachusetts terrorist the Boston last month. Rereading that pressure cooker article, I’m glad the bombers didn’t use aluminum foil and drano, or it would have been much more disturbing.

  2. Someone Else Says:

    Media point of view: Ban anything that hurts conservatives because its all evil and bad. But nothing a liberal ever did ever hurt anybody! lol

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