Oh, the other side has money too…

…but of course, George Weinberg conveniently forgets to mention it here:

Without the NRA money, there would be no conversation here.

Really? So I guess it’s perfectly okay for the mayor of New York City to pour all that money (some $12 million, if I remember correctly) into advertising in the run up to the vote on that Senate bill? And, again, why can’t the anti-gunners raise that kind of money on their own without a sugar daddy like Michael Bloomberg? Once again, 28,000 members of the Organization Formerly Known as Handgun Control vs. 4.5 million for the NRA. All the NRA money more or less comes from average people just like you and me. I don’t know why they all think they represent the majority of the country on this. Denial, perhaps?

And Gabrielle Giffords and her straw-purchasing husband can go pound sand. I hate that she got shot, but that doesn’t give them license to demand all our rights be restricted for the actions of a few lunatics. We know what works. It’s just a matter of doing it. Hell, even the Newtown, Connecticut Board of Education, right in the belly of the beast here, voted to put armed guards in their schools.

From reports of the school-board meeting, concerned parents cited the Sandy Hook shootings as their reason for backing an armed-guard policy. “The only thing that stopped that guy that day was when the two Newtown police burst in the building,” one parent is quoted as saying…

(What? You didn’t hear about that? Shocking!)

And yes, Giffords will indeed be remembered — as a demagogic control freak who exploited her own tragedy to take away the rights of her countrymen, trampling on the Constitution and making a mockery of the oath she took as a Congresswoman to preserve, protect and defend it.



One Response to “Oh, the other side has money too…”

  1. Fiftycal Says:

    Actually I don’t believe Giffords is saying those things. She is about as disabled as Jim Brady. I think Soros loaned them a PR person to write propaganda. Have you seen Giffords actually speak? it is beyond her ability to say things like I get from their website. And now they aren’t asking for money anymore. They only did that once after hubby got caught trying to buy an AR 15. I think Soros cut them off for a bit and now is signing their checks again.

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