They keep lying and lying…

..and lying:

On a conference call with reporters Thursday, gun-control activists said their goal is to reframe the powerful NRA as a front for the firearms industry.

“The NRA is a gun industry trade association masquerading as a sport shooting association,” said Josh Sugarmann, founder and executive director of the Violence Policy Center, who is in Houston for the protests. “As gun ownership has dropped decade by decade, the NRA has been forced to turn to the gun industry to guarantee its future.”

FAIL. The gun industry already has its own trade association, the National Shooting Sports Foundation. This is just more anti-gunner lying and self-delusion. I do realize that this is pretty much all they have left, but, again, considering the anti-gunners have been so brazen as to openly talk about TAKING GUNS, their attempts to portray the NRA as a bunch of paranoid fear mongers  is more than a bit off the mark.

And was I the only one who sneered at the term “Occupy the NRA”?



2 Responses to “They keep lying and lying…”

  1. 3boxesofbs Says:

    Hey Josh….how many people are members of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence again?

    And where does your money come from? — Oh, the Joyce Foundation.

    More psychological projection re “front ” for another group.

  2. 3 Boxes of BS » Blog Archive » Want to Read something? Says:

    […] H/T to Pistolero […]

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