So just how far from one to the other?

A line from Heinrich Heine’s Almansor goes, in part, “where they burn books, they will ultimately burn people also.” It came to mind when I saw this:

 San Jose State University Meteorology decides burning books they don’t agree with is better than reading them

At the link was a picture of two SJSU professors burning a book that was skeptical of global warming. And it made me wonder: How far is it to burning books that are skeptical of global warming, to burning people who are skeptical of global warming? It’s not as if no one has ever floated the possibility before. And, of course, this is yet more justification for the Second Amendment: to protect ourselves from those who would kill us for not believing in their ideas.

(h/t Borepatch)



One Response to “So just how far from one to the other?”

  1. mick Says:

    Heh, not far, right? All bad ideas are interchangeable!

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