Oh noes! Can’t have that!

Man, this is some weapons-grade PSH right here:

What kind of message are you trying to convey with a photo of a 7-year-old girl inspecting a Sig Sauer pistol on the front page of Saturday’s newspaper (NRA Convention, PageA1)?

It would seem that you are encouraging children to consider purchasing a gun when they are of age.

The admission of children to the NRA Convention is ludicrous.

Really? Somehow I doubt the leftists at the Houston Chronicle would encourage anyone to buy a gun at any age. And what’s so wrong with kids being allowed into the NRA convention? American gun culture is and always has been a family thing, and I don’t see why this should change as Americans buy guns more for self-defense. I don’t understand why guns have to be akin to pornography as this letter-writer seems to be insinuating they are.

But on second thought, if you keep the progressives’ goals in mind, it does make perfect sense. They don’t only want to get rid of guns. They want to destroy that aforementioned gun culture. And what better way to do that than shutting it off from the children in addition to indoctrinating them against guns in school?

At any rate, I am reminded of Kevin’s Quote of the Day from the other day, from the inimitable Geek With A .45:

“We reject the premise that gun clubs should be treated as brothel hallways, where each man points his face to the floor in shame, lest he recognize, or be recognized. We reject the premise that arms are the sole purview of the state. We reject the premise that the State is somehow endowed of inherently superior stuff, and that all are to forever to accept their station in life and hold ourselves subordinate to it. And this… is all the evidence they will ever need of our depravity and in the eyes of some, outright evil. It is all the evidence they will ever need that we are an inherent hazard to society, and therefore our suppression, marginalization and elimination is a well justified social good.

“Well, as they say, bad luck with all of that. I can wish them only misery and failure.”



One Response to “Oh noes! Can’t have that!”

  1. 3boxesofbs Says:

    See there is a huge disconnect staring them in the face

    It would seem that you are encouraging children to consider purchasing a gun when they are of age.

    And I go “And what is wrong with that?”
    Seriously, we are taking about encouraging kids to purchase an animate object; one that can be used to protect them, for target or recreational shooting or even put food on the table.
    An inanimate object that requires focus, attention to detail, control of mind and body to use accurately — those aren’t bad things.

    What object would the antis recommend that does all that?

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