This is such a great observation.

From a commenter at Saving Country Music, on the latest from Blake Shelton:

What really makes me mad though, is how many classic country names Blake drops on this album…the fact that he is talking about all these people that supposedly nobody listens to just makes me hate him even more.

I don’t hate Blake Shelton as a person, but I am — to say the least — not a fan of his attitude toward old country music and his opinions of the genre’s evolution. I said my piece on that here.

But this…this really is a whole new level of hypocrisy. Name-dropping Hank Jr. and covering Conway Twitty and George Jones, among others, but hey, I thought nobody listened to or bought that tired old shit anymore. Apparently the new, better way of respecting the people who came before you is to name-drop them in shitty wannabe rap songs (see also: “Dirt Road Anthem”) as opposed to incorporating their sounds into your own music.

But hey, on the bright side, George Strait’s new album hits the stores on Tuesday.We’re pretty much guaranteed not to have any shitty wannabe rap on it.



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