As usual, he doesn’t see the connection.

Who? Why, Leonard Pitts, that is:

“They’re trying to take our guns away!” Except that it is now theoretically possible for a mental patient to manufacture his own gun in the comfort of his aluminum foil-lined basement. That’s a sobering development with far-reaching implications barely considered, much less addressed, by lawmakers though this technology has existed for over a decade….

It’s a pity some of the energy that has gone into fighting imaginary tyranny did not go into pondering this real and eminently predictable threat.

Well, this sort of thing is what happens when you not only focus all your efforts on taking guns away from the people who didn’t do anything but also leave the dangerous people out there free to predate at will. As for Pitts’ theoretical mental patient…what would said mental patient be doing with access to such things anyway? If he’s a mental patient he’s likely walled off from society anyway, which should mean he doesn’t have access to things like a 3D printer.

There’s always the chance, of course, that Pitts means to foster a dialogue about keeping mentally ill individuals away from guns and the like. But somehow I doubt that, because he’s been blaming guns and the “easy availability” thereof for a good long time, and I doubt he’s going to stop now — or anytime soon, for that matter.



4 Responses to “As usual, he doesn’t see the connection.”

  1. 3boxesofbs Says:

    Hey Mr. Pitts; ever hear of ‘Molotov cocktails’, “amfo explosives” or “improvised explosive devices”
    Those have been easily manufactured for decades and mentally ill people have been able to access all the components and assemble them; so what has changed?

    Oh, this time it is a “gun”?

    I see you really aren’t interested in stopping violence just the proliferation of guns.

  2. Sabra Morse Onstott Says:

    Liberals love them some mental patients out on the streets. This is a soapbox issue of mine, as you well know. So-called “community-based mental health care” (which liberals falsely label cuts in mental health care by the evil Regan administration) has resulted in a large population of severely mentally ill on the streets and away from the intensive treatment they need. Liberals are a-OK with paranoid schizophrenics experiencing their auditory hallucinations in an environment where they are dangerous to themselves and others, ’cause confinement is mean.

  3. Crotalus Says:

    Ummm… I believe that’s “prey at will”.

  4. Jeff Bauer Says:

    “…imaginary tryanny…”?

    You mean like the IRS targetting political enemies and the DoJ illegally tapping the phones of various media outlets? That kind of “imaginary” tryanny?


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