Fail on top of fail.

Or adding insult to injury, whatever you want to call it…

A House Democrat inspired by the last James Bond movie has offered legislation to produce handguns with “personalization technology.”

The idea is to produce guns that can only be used by the gun’s owners. Rep. John Tierney (D-Mass.) cited the latest James Bond movie, “Skyfall,” as inspiration for the bill….

Under his bill, guns made in the United States would have to be built with this technology two years after the bill becomes law. Older guns being sold by a business or individual would have to be retrofitted with this technology after three years.

The bill says the cost of retrofitting these older guns would be paid out of the Department of Justice’s Asset Forfeiture Fund, where confiscated assets from criminal investigations are placed.

Wow, this is just beyond the pale. An infringement on the Second Amendment, paid for by funds gathered by infringements on the Fourth Amendment. And of course Tierney would cast it as a gun safety issue. For teh childrenses, natch.

And yes, of course those gun accidents are preventable…by, you know. following the Four Rules and using the brains God gave you. And that would explain everything about why this bill was introduced. Anti-gunners don’t have common sense and they don’t use their brains.

Gah…funded by goddamned asset forfeiture funds! I can almost hear the Founding Fathers screaming in rage!


One Response to “Fail on top of fail.”

  1. GomeznSA Says:

    The folks pushing this type of ‘safety technology’ ARE NOT in it for altruistic reasons. They think there is money to be made and that is all.
    I remember way back early in my career there was a group pushing the same meme (it’s for the chirrens). They created an abomination called MagnaTrigger (if memory serves me correctly). The theory was that the legal owner/user of a handgun (target audience was LE of course) wore a magnetic ring that would move a magnetic trigger block and thus allow the gun to be fired. Didn’t really work out too well in practice so it went by the wayside.
    The single biggest preventer of ‘firearm accidents’ of any sort is strict following of the 4 Rules, as you noted.

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