This does not surprise me either.

Houston Chronicle tech blogger Dwight Silverman:

Shortly after Samsung’s Galaxy S4 smartphone made its way into early buyers’ hands, complaints about its storage capacity began to fill the Web. The 16-GB model comes with just under 9 GB of free space – nearly half of it taken up with the operating system and pre-installed applications from Samsung and carriers.

So it would seem that the same problem that besets Windows PCs also is manifested on Android phones. It would seem that a lot of people are surprised by this, which just goes to show you the public’s ignorance of technology and how it works from the business end. Just as no two Windows PCs are going to work exactly the same, no two Android phones are going to work exactly the same. That sort of thing is generally what happens when you have different types of hardware to choose from.

Of course, I’m a little different. I have to wonder what the big deal is. I’m pretty sure I have most of the space left on my Android (HTC Sensation 4G from T-Mobile, for the record) that was there when I got it, and I don’t even know how much space was on there to begin with. I have a few apps on it that I use, but as far as music and games, my main entertainment as far as that goes is the iPod classic. I know a lot of people are using their phones as their all-in-one device. Of course, a lot of ’em don’t back it up either and don’t have the slightest idea of how to do so, so they also have that to contend with…

Thoughts? Do any of y’all use your phone as an all-in-one and have space problems?


2 Responses to “This does not surprise me either.”

  1. Dwight Brown Says:

    “Do any of y’all use your phone as an all-in-one and have space problems?”

    Yes. And no. My phone is a 2+ year old HTC Evo 4G. I can store a fair amount of stuff on the internal SD card (it came with an 8 GB, I’ve upgraded it to 16 GB and still have about 9 GB left).

    I have some music on my phone, but I don’t use it to play music that much. For long trips, I have an iPod which holds all my music. Mostly, I listen to podcasts on the phone and I haven’t run into a storage problem there. (I’m pretty ruthless about keeping up with the podcasts and deleting them after I’ve listened, though.)

    By default, the phone gets used a lot as a camera. (I have a DSLR and a compact rangefinder, but the camera you have with you is better than the one you left at home. And the Evo has a good camera.) I haven’t run into a photo storage issue, either.

    What I HAVE run into is an internal app storage issue. At this point, the phone is frequently giving me warnings that it is low on internal storage space. The other day, in order to upgrade Google Maps, I had to delete all the previous updates to it and then run the upgrade, because Google Play kept saying I didn’t have enough storage space.

    The Evo has 512 MB of internal storage: currently, I’m using 375 MB and have 52 MB free. The Kindle Reader takes up 34.51 MB. Amazon’s Appstore takes up 24.80 MB (for a store, to buy applications). Google Play takes up 12.75 MB for the store and 12.85 for “Google Play Services” (again, for a store, to buy applications). Maps takes up 14.89 MB, and Google Plus takes up 8.77 MB. And none of these applications are getting any smaller; indeed, the Amazon ones seem to be constantly increasing in size.

    It irritates the fire out of me. When I’m employed again and getting a little ahead, I will probably switch to an iPhone; between the low quality of apps (don’t get me started on podcast applications; oh, wait, I’ve already ranted about that this morning) and the other frustrations of dealing with Android, I think I’ll be much happier.

  2. southtexaspistolero Says:

    You know, now that I think about it, I have a fair amount of pictures and videos on my phone as well. And I’ve never had any problem with storing them, but then I import them to the Mac as often as I remember to. The only thing I had problems with was when I was trying to keep my music on my phone after my last iPod classic was stolen. Not all of it would fit, it was out of order, and I had several other problems. I do like my Android, but I would like to get an iPhone eventually just because it’ll work better with my Mac.

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