Huh. LSD strikes again.

From the AP, via the Houston Chronicle:

The Stone Temple Pilots accuse former frontman Scott Weiland of misusing the band’s name to further his solo career and want a judge to strip the rocker of his ability to use the group’s name or songs.

A lawsuit filed Friday in Los Angeles accuses Weiland of being chronically late to concerts while the group was together and having his lawyer attempt to interfere with the airplay of the group’s new single “Out of Time.”…

In a message posted to his website Friday, Weiland said his former band mates shouldn’t call themselves Stone Temple Pilots either.

“First of all they don’t have the legal right to call themselves STP because I’m still a member of the band,” he said. “And more importantly, they don’t have the ethical right to call themselves Stone Temple Pilots because it’s misleading and dishonest to the millions of fans that have followed us for so many years.”

Wow. Scott Weiland’s full of shit. How exactly is it misleading and dishonest to call the band STP without him? It’s not as if it’s any kind of secret what’s going on, especially now. I’ve already been over this before, but it’s worth pointing out again that not that many lineups remain the same over the course of the bands’ careers. Granted, some bands have had fewer lineup changes than others, and not all of those lineup changes have involved lead singers, but the point still stands. And if the accusations of STP’s other members are correct here, Weiland either cannot or will not deliver on a professional level anymore for whatever reasons. That being the case, it strikes me that they have every right to replace him. If it revitalizes the band and protects the value of the name, then why not replace him?


7 Responses to “Huh. LSD strikes again.”

  1. Sabra Morse Onstott Says:

    And my position on this stupidity remains the same as well: the judge ought to say “No one can use the name. Now grow the fuck up.” I would be willing to bet the number of bands which have replaced a key member and continued on as before pales in comparison to the number of bands which have broken the hell up when the infighting got too bad. Anyone who thinks famous musicians can only be successful in a single band is welcome to go have a discussion with Dave Grohl.

  2. kadja1 Says:

    OMG…Really? They are fighting over this? Weiland will always have a decent career but I have a different take on this shit. If Simon LeBon left Duran Duran, they could still call themselves Duran Duran. He didn’t found it–John Taylor and Nick Rhodes did. However since Weiland and company founded STP together–NONE of them should use the name. It’s that same type of bullshit Evanescence pulled. However without the original lineups, they don’t sound the same anyway. It is common friggin’ sense to drop the name altogether.

  3. southtexaspistolero Says:

    Anyone who thinks famous musicians can only be successful in a single band is welcome to go have a discussion with Dave Grohl.

    Indeed. Or (among many others) Paul Rodgers, Sammy Hagar, or Ronnie James Dio before he passed away from stomach cancer in 2010; Dio made a name for himself in three different bands — four if you count Heaven and Hell, which was more or less just Dio-fronted Black Sabbath under another name. Scott Weiland himself had success in another band after the Stone Temple Pilots’ initial run.

    However since Weiland and company founded STP together–NONE of them should use the name.

    I don’t agree with this. The band is just as integral to the sound as the singer, and there is no good reason for the remaining members of STP to have to rebuild their brand, taking a huge pay cut in the process, because one of their founders is unreliable to the point that he can’t be trusted to show up at gigs on time and not blasted out of his mind. It might not be a herculean task, but that doesn’t change things, IMO.

    • Sabra Morse Onstott Says:

      I noticed you chose not to argue with me for making the same point. You’re learning. 😉

      But the point I made that you agreed with goes just as much for the other band members as it does Weiland. If they’re that good, they can find success on their own.

  4. Reg Says:

    Stone Temple Pilots??? These douche-nozzles are still around? Why does anyone care? The 90’s are long gone, and these ass clowns should be as well.

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