Some of us would say something else.

Brian Kelley, of Florida-Georgia Line:

That’s what we’ve wanted to do from day one is have a sound that when people that haven’t heard us say, ‘Well, who is that? I need to know.’ It’s not, ‘Well, they sound like blah, blah blah,’ because that’s not going to work. So we wanted to be ahead of the curve and create music that’s fresh and create music that’s real.

Yet the duo’s very first single was about a guy picking up a girl…in the summer…as he was driving through the country…in a four-wheel-drive truck. Yeah, that’s totally original, fresh and real, right?

Now, I realize that was just one song, but it certainly wasn’t a very auspicious debut in terms of “be(ing) ahead of the curve” or any of that other bullshit Kelley threw out in that interview. And how is fusing hip-hop with country visionary and ahead of the curve when other people are doing it and have done it before?

It’s not, of course. You know what would be really visionary and rebellious? Making actual country music that isn’t watered down with rap, metal, Southern rock or anything else. I realize it’s not fashionable or hip, but, well, I’m perfectly okay with that, and somehow I don’t think I am the only one.

(h/t Country California)


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