Progressive thinking at its most, erm…refined.

One Bill McKibben:

It’s time to stop investing in the fossil fuel industry

I suppose something like this is par for the course for al-Guardian — progressive “reasoning” at its most refined — but it’s still incredibly short-sighted, to say the least. The energy companies Bill McKibben derides have been funneling good money into renewable clean energy research and development for some time now, and cutting off investments in those companies is only going to slow that research, if not stop it completely. If solar panels and such were economically feasible, let alone profitable, the energy companies would already have been on top of them.

And considering Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s support of the people who blow themselves up in Israeli shopping centers and such, I’m really not seeing how he has any moral authority to speak on this issue — or any other, for that matter.



One Response to “Progressive thinking at its most, erm…refined.”

  1. mick Says:

    Is cost really your only problem with solar power? Because that’s changing very quickly:

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