And, in related news…

…we have this.

To wit: Lenny Kravitz got to play a full version of “American Woman” on the CMT Awards show the other night, while the late, great George Jones got barely a mention. Naomi Judd was so pissed off about it that she wrote a letter to the Nashville Tennessean:

George Jones is to country music what The Beatles are to pop, the Rolling Stones to rock, Elvis to rockabilly, Mozart to classical and Aretha to soul. Yet, the “Country” Music Television awards show allowed only a “by the way” mention of Jones’ death and legacy. Incongruously, they chose alternative music group the Mavericks to perform their short version of George’s “The Race Is On.”

True country music fans are a loyal bunch and are passionate about our roots and heritage. Every year, CMT includes artists of unrelated genres, many of whom some country music fans don’t even know. I suggest the CMT Awards show change its name. Perhaps to “the Multi-Genre Awards Show, Featuring Artists under 30.”

I realize speaking out will cause me to now be forever banned by CMT. But I’m tired of folks messing with my country music. Especially when it involves my dear friend George Jones.

Speaking of the Mavericks, though, Raul Malo had a few words to say about that whole Charlie Foxtrot:

So when is country music going to grow some balls and close its legs to every has-been, asshole Rockstar (sic) that wants to be on tv?

That’s a really good question. I understand that they’re trying to expand the demographic that watches that show , but where do you draw the line? It has to be drawn somewhere, or we might as well just not have any more “country music” at all.



5 Responses to “And, in related news…”

  1. Jeff Bauer Says:

    Kravitz? Lenny fucking Kravitz? FFS!

    It has gotten worse than I ever expected it to. However, I knew the CMT Awards Show jumped the Happy Days proverbial shark when I saw the Eagles playing How Long: complete with a hired hand lead guitarist and Don Henley lip syncing.

    How Long, indeed. True, original Eagle devotees know that How Long is a J.D. Souther song that the real Eagles played back when they just broke from backing Rondstadt.

  2. southtexaspistolero Says:

    I knew the CMT Awards Show jumped the Happy Days proverbial shark when I saw the Eagles playing How Long: complete with a hired hand lead guitarist

    Don Felder’s replacement, I take it?

    Seriously, though, that’s disappointing as hell. I honestly would have expected better of Don Henley than to lend himself to such a spectacle after his previous comments on the state of country music.

  3. Sabra Morse Onstott Says:

    Much like Naomi Judd, I’ll happily draw the line with the Mavericks on the outside. They’re hella overrated, and rockabilly at best.

    But really, it’s CMT. They’ve been worthless for years now. Garbage in, garbage out.

  4. James Tomberlin Says:

    George Jones is God!

  5. Les Says:

    Didn’t always like country music, George Jones, Loretta Lynn et al. It was my mother’s music. Now it is mine, most of it. Always, always despised “American Woman” no matter who sang it. Just for the words if nothing else.

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