Yeah, me too.

Colorado gunwriter Michael Bane:

I have to say that Chris Christie would be the final straw…I have been as pragmatic as anyone on wading through this political cesspool…sucked it up for McCain…sucked it up for Romney…but I will be damned if I’ll cast a vote for an antigun floating…well, whatever it is that floats in cesspools…like Chris Christie. I’ll stay home.

He will, I will as well, and I’m sure we’re not the only ones. New Jersey has arguably the most onerous gun laws in the country, and Chris Christie supports every last one of them. A Facebook friend said before that Christie’s position on guns wasn’t justification for not supporting him, but I didn’t agree with that then and I don’t agree with it now. And his support of laws that are antithetical to the Second Amendment is hardly the only reason not to vote for him. I know that there are a couple of years to go before the presidential campaigns get started in earnest, but the Republican establishment needs to get the hell over this Chris Christie infatuation right the hell now.



One Response to “Yeah, me too.”

  1. AeroDillo Says:

    It’s okay. When their base declines (another) turd sandwich served up by Karl Rove and…whatever the GOP is now…they’ll just turn it around and blame those darn stupid libertarians who aren’t mature enough to see the big picture by selling themselves ever-so-incrementally into modern slavery.

    These kids these days…no sense of teamwork whatsoever.

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