Some of you would be interested in this.

So the first Queensrÿche album with Todd La Torre on lead vocals hits the stores a week from tomorrow…

…but Century Media has the whole thing streaming here.

I haven’t listened to the whole thing yet — I’m going to try to wait till I can actually get the cd before I do — but I will say that as great as “Where Dreams Go To Die” is by itself, “X2” as the intro to it takes the song to a whole new level. I’ve heard here and there that the YouTube and SoundCloud versions of the songs were pretty compressed so as to prevent leaks and illegal downloads, so I’m really interested to hear how the real thing sounds. Won’t be long now!



3 Responses to “Some of you would be interested in this.”

  1. That Guy Says:

    Thanks for the link! I’ll be listening while I work today

  2. That Guy Says:

    It was very good. I’ll buy the disc when it comes out

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