Oh, I’ll say.

Sabra, on her Father’s Day gift to me:

It seems to be a hit.

Heh. That’s putting it mildly. I was using a percolator I bought at Walmart last summer, and it worked fine; it was just a bit of a pain in the ass when it came to getting the coffee just right, and it always took so long to brew. Not so with the French press — you heat the water to boiling, put your grounds and water in, and seven minutes or so later, BAM! Fresh, HOT coffee. I FREAKING LOVE IT. I thought at first that the French press would have been more labor-intensive, but it really isn’t. I want to make coffee with it all the time, just because. As an added bonus, it uses the same coarse grind as the percolator!

Speaking of the trusty percolator, though, we didn’t get rid of it. Oh no. We use it to boil the water. 😉 I would be quite interested to see what cold brew coffee tastes like so we can make iced coffee one of these days, though…



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