Does not compute.

Did Duane Chapman really say this?

Dog: A lot more guns than I expected. I’m a gun advocate and I believe everyone can have one to protect themselves, but guns are rampant, it’s like a disease being spread though out the U.S.

FOX411: So how can you be pro-gun?

Dog: I’m not against the gun. I’m against the bullet, the lead bullet, because I’ve used non-lethal weapons for 30 years. I have had to shoot many fugitives and never killed anyone. You have the right to bear arms, which means you can protect yourself, but you don’t have the right to kill people for no reason.

Oh, my. So, so much fail here that I hardly know where to start. It’s nice that Chapman can use non-lethal means to take down his prey, but in the end it really doesn’t matter. Why? Because Chapman doesn’t have a choice in the matter. With his murder conviction and having been arrested some 18 times for armed robbery, Chapman is — you guessed it! — a prohibited person. To his credit he seems to have redeemed himself and ended up on the somewhat straight and narrow, but he still doesn’t have any business posing as some sort of authority on what people should be doing to protect themselves, let alone acting like there ought to be laws restricting the rest of us to his choices.



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