And, on the flip side…

Why San Antonio’s newspaper is NOT so awesome:

Ex-reality TV star and house flipper Armando Montelongo Jr. did it. So did San Antonio Talons owner A. David Lynd, state District Judge Angus McGinty and newscaster Leslie Bohl.

When their marriages failed, they joined an array of other wealthy, famous and connected Bexar County residents or their spouses by filing for divorce using their initials rather than names in court filings to try to keep their breakups secret.

Disguising cases by using initials conflicts with a basic principle of America’s judicial system — that courts are open to the public. It doesn’t appear to comply with state court rules, either.

Why is this news? Why are the divorces of rich and famous people anyone’s business but the involved parties? Can anyone really blame them for wanting a little bit of privacy when it comes to such a sensitive issue? It strikes me that the Express-News is implying this sort of thing is the business of the public, and for the life of me I can’t figure out why.

And as I just told Sabra, to add insult to injury…

Go to for the rest of the story.

…not only do they give us this bit of not-news, they expect us to PAY FOR IT!


One Response to “And, on the flip side…”

  1. peter Says:

    I would assume that according to Texas law divorces are a matter of public record. Not sure why that would be. However, at the same time, I can see why filing only using your initials would be your only defense against the news getting out.

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