A diamond in the rough? Sort of…

So after the kids left today, Sabra and I went in search of grub. We had several choices and narrowed it down to Garibaldi’s, a little Mexican restaurant tucked away in one of the strip malls in the Castle Hills area. We weren’t sure what to expect, even though it did get rave reviews on Yelp…

…and as it turned out, it was very good indeed, from the chips & tortillas to the entrees themselves. Sabra had the barbacoa and egg plate, while I gorged myself on chorizo-and-egg and chorizo-and-potato tacos. And even Miss Marie ate all her food. (She got a chorizo-and-egg taco, too.) The chips were served with a couple of different salsas, along with some kind of dip that can be best described as “chicken soup without the chicken.” Between food and drinks and a 20% tip, we got out of there for about $30.

Not a bad deal at all. Like I told Sabra, it’s pretty cool, those hidden gems you find among the Starbucks, nail salons and other SWPL…


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