Wow, stop the presses!

Why? I agree with Eugene Robinson, that’s why.

On Paula Deen:

The woman is 66, not 96. She was all of 7 when the Supreme Court issued its Brown v. Board of Education decision, which means she’s had plenty of time to get used to it. She has spent her adult life in an America where black people are not compelled to be subservient to whites. She has made her fortune in an America where most people, white as well as black, consider warm-and-fuzzy nostalgia for the days of slavery and Jim Crow to be highly offensive.

Indeed she has. Sabra made this exact point to me as we were talking about this a few days back. Deen and her defenders like to talk about this like it’s ancient history, i.e., “oh, it was 30 years ago, things were different then.”

Really? It was acceptable in 1983 — the year the first black man (USAF Col. Guion S. Bluford) went to space — to talk about, for instance, how the perfect Southern wedding would involve black men dressed in long-sleeve shirts, bow ties and shorts? Again, color me skeptical…



3 Responses to “Wow, stop the presses!”

  1. Les Says:

    I thought Robinson’s article was classic political correctness. He built a straw man, filled it with his thoughts and labeled it Paula Deen. Even worked in “uppity”.
    I think that is the essence. Paula Deen had the gall to not stay the Icon of Courage, an single mother mired in poverty, on the public dole. Without a casting couch in sight, she built an empire through hard work and native intelligence. But she didn’t go to the right schools or have the right accent, and wasn’t born and raised in the right area, and she got uppity and made a lot of money anyway. This affronted the parasites and idle rich, and the folks who did avail themselves of the casting couch. Shouldn’t she have contented herself with indoor plumbing?
    So in a true act of political correctness, she is accused of harboring Incorrect Thought. A difficult thing to defend against in our hypocritical society. Her actions apparently were above reproach, and could not be attacked, or that is what we would be reading about.

  2. John Says:

    Here’s a big endorsement of Les’s final paragraph. That was a stupid and hurtful thing for her to say then, but what has she said or done since then? Have you done anything in, say, the last ten or fifteen years that you cringe to remember and would hate to have to confess to others? Do you know people who never forget the stupid or petty things you did long ago and who keep bringing them up? (Eugene Robinson and his ilk make a living out of this) Maybe Paula Deen isn’t a great person, but I need more evidence before condemning her.

  3. Sabra Morse Onstott Says:

    Is it really that hard a thing to not use words meant to imply that others are subhuman? I have not always been felicitous in my phrasing, but I can guarantee I have never used a racial epithet in my life, nor anything of the sort.

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