And all this time I wondered…

…why that music was as shallow as, say, a mud hole. Well, the Wall Street Journal provides a handy answer:

From Georgia to Texas this weekend, the stars of a budding musical genre known as “hick-hop” will perform in swamp-like off-road-vehicle parks. Singing songs that fuse hip-hop with country music, the bands will celebrate the popular rural pastime of driving trucks, lawn mowers, golf carts and even jacked-up grocery carts—all through the mud.

That just about explains everything. Certainly doesn’t justify any of it, though. I know a lot of people stereotyped country music as “twangy, whiny, cry-in-mah-beer-cause-mah-girl-lef’-me” music, but those of us who knew the music knew it by and large wasn’t that simple. But what can we really say now, with the genre (the mainstream component of it, at any rate) being overrun with songs about trucks, mud, beer and however many permutations thereof?

“It’s not all like that.”

Indeed it isn’t. But it’s a sad commentary on the genre that such a large component of it is. Granted, they were only talking about “hick-hop,” but really, that stuff’s not really that much different than the crap Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, and Florida-Georgia Line spew out, is it? As paradoxical as it may seem, I now believe that the country is where country music went to die.

(h/t Country California)


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