As most anti-gun asshattery does…

…this makes no sense at all:

inconsistencyMy first thought was, “So the dude on the right is standing on cases of ammunition. Not getting what the big deal about that is. Without ammunition that gun is nothing but an expensive club.

My second thought was that I saw this on Facebook, as opposed to a handbill produced via a lithograph. Which makes the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence a bunch of hypocrites, because you know the Founding Fathers didn’t think about computers or high-speed Internet when they wrote the First Amendment any more than they thought about the advent of the semiautomatic rifle when they wrote the Second Amendment. Some amendments are apparently more equal than others.



2 Responses to “As most anti-gun asshattery does…”

  1. 3boxesofbs Says:

    CSGV also fails to mention that during the Founding Father’s time; ordinary citizens owned cannon (highest military technology at the time) and war ships!

    Also not mentioned was the fact that just about every household had the equipment or supplies to create more ammunition; bullet molds and gun powder. Many people could also produce their own gun powder.

    Basically the average citizen had the same equipment and technology available to them as the country’s military — and still the 2nd Amendment was not only passed but required by the people as a condition to approve the Constitution.

  2. Crotalus Says:

    And yet, the Founders, were they alive today, would agree with the “NRA”

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