Wait, what?

More asshattery seen on Facebook, likely under the auspices of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, formerly known as the National Coalition to Ban Handguns:


Only #cowards like #GeorgeZimmerman need to use a #gun in a fist fight. Now the #Defense is trying to make it seem like #Zimmerman was some weak man who could not defend himself. Over a year of MMA training and he could not get a 17 year old boy off of him. After a year of #MMA / #UFC training one should be able to defend themselves. But Zimmerman decided to use a gun to kill #TrayvonMartin and now #Trayvon is dead. #NoJusticeNoPeace #ZimmermanTrial #JusticeForTrayvon #ResistViolence #Trial #GunControl

I have one good arm due to my cerebral palsy. If, God forbid, I ever get in a fist fight and that arm is taken out of commission I am well and truly screwed. Having a gun in a situation like that isn’t taking the coward’s way out. It’s taking the smart way out. Beyond that, as Michael Z. Williamson said, “having your brains bashed in by an urban punk is not a fist fight. It’s assault and battery with intent to kill. The logical solution is to shoot the punk.” Training be damned.

And more than that…take a look at that caption. You’ll note that they didn’t say anything about the situation itself, about the dispute over who instigated the confrontation. It was all about Zimmerman and his supposed training and what they think he should have been able to do as his brains were being scrambled on the pavement. It would seem they’re saying that even if Trayvon Martin started the whole thing, even if he was completely in the wrong, George Zimmerman was the bad guy — just because he used a gun.

(I posted the contents of this blog post on their Facebook page, and not long after, BAM! Reasoned discourse — by which I mean, comment deletion & banning — ensued.)

No quarter, folks. Those people are evil. And they must be crushed.


5 Responses to “Wait, what?”

  1. AeroDillo Says:

    I make no comment on the Zimmerman/Martin affair…but I’ve since come to believe that anybody who litters an otherwise coherent message with hashtags needs to be taken out and horsewhipped.

  2. southtexaspistolero Says:

    I agree. Those hashtags are new to Facebook, actually. They came from Twitter, which really pisses me off because I eschew Twitter in favor of Facebook precisely because of those hashtags (and to a lesser extent the 140-character limit). I have at least two Facebook friends who have their Twitter and Facebook accounts set up to where their tweets get posted to Facebook. I see those hashtags and the Twitter pidgin in general and they make me want to grind my teeth into dust.

  3. 3boxesofbs Says:

    Doesn’t a fist fight presume two willing participants?
    I am not going to engage in a fist fight and I definitely have not heard any evidence Zimmerman decided to go all Marquis of Queensbury rules with Martin.

    I challenge any member of the Brady Campaign to sign a waiver and let some 17 year old, in shape, football trained ‘child’ engage in a “fist fight” under the conditions the 17 year old gets the 1st shot in and it is agreed the youth will not be prosecuted.

    Wonder if they will accept.

  4. southtexaspistolero Says:

    I definitely have not heard any evidence Zimmerman decided to go all Marquis of Queensbury rules with Martin.

    Well, of course not, because if you had, Trayvon Martin would have been the one on trial for murder.

    And yeah, screw that fistfight noise. If I have better weapons at my disposal, you damned well better believe Imma use ’em.

  5. AeroDillo Says:

    Arguably, it’s better to bring a gun to a fistfight than fists to a gunfight. Some basic Darwin’s Law, I think…

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