One more reason we need guns…

…to protect ourselves from people like this:

A former financial analyst with a history of disruptive behavior was executed Wednesday for the road-rage shooting deaths of two truckers in the Dallas area 15 years ago….

Evidence showed he got into trouble as a juvenile, had drug possession and selling issues and wound up in state custody. He also had robbery and drug convictions.

“…a history of disruptive behavior…wound up in state custody…robbery and drug convictions.”

You know what those convictions made him, right? A prohibited person. Yet he still managed to get a 9mm pistol  and almost 300 rounds of ammunition in spite of that. Why, it’s almost as if gun control doesn’t work. Color me shocked.

Why was Douglas Feldman ever let out of jail?


2 Responses to “One more reason we need guns…”

  1. 3boxesofbs Says:

    What I don’t get is the idea the gun makes a person dangerous.

    “Oh it is okay that Douglas, with ‘a history of disruptive behavior” lives next to us because he doesn’t have a gun”.

    What….he is still the same person, same willingness to hurt others with or without a firearm. Good Grief people had been killing people long before the 1300s when firearms made their appearance.

  2. Kalaryn Says:

    That’s the thing, gun control only controls the law abiding, as we all know. Criminals have their ways of getting guns and it doesn’t matter how tight you get on that control, they will still have them and as we all know, the law abiding citizen either become a criminal or goes without.

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