Oh, look! More Texas CPS FAIL!

This time, in Rockdale, in Milam County just northeast of Austin.

To make a long story short: Mom & dad had their kid taken away and put in foster care for allegedly smoking the demon weed after the little one went to sleep. They were allowed periodic visits. Last Monday, dad got called to a Temple hospital, where they took the kid after she suffered some type of then-unknown injury. On Wednesday night, little 2-year-old Alexandria Hill was taken off life support.

What happened, you say? Well

Doctors say Alex had hemorrhaging in her brain and eyes. An autopsy shows she had blunt force trauma to the head.

Harris says Thursday morning, Small finally told them the truth.

“She had evidently been frustrated with the child all day long. She had… the child… had evidently gotten up before the Small’s did and she had went and got into some food and some water,” said Harris. “That is what Mrs. Small was initially upset with her about…. had made her stand in a dark room, according to our reports, for at least three-to-four hours, wouldn’t let her sit or anything.”

Then around 7:00 that night, the young child, so full of life, was knocked unconscious.

“She actually admitted that she had slung the child down on the floor,” said Harris.

I’ve heard it said that the curse of every parent is that they see the faces of their own kids in the stories of all the abused, terminally ill, and the like. Between this and the story of the 2-year-old best man, I find that all too true. At any rate…

There are people here who need to be made into a meat windchime (credit to Tamara for the term) for this. And it is long past time for Texas Child Protective Services to be burned to the ground and the earth salted where it stands. But the people of Texas generally labor under the delusion that CPS knows all, that they have the best interests of the children at heart, and that their word and recommendations are the gospel. So, somewhere in Texas, some poor mother didn’t sweep her floor today, and so more innocent Texas children are going to die.


4 Responses to “Oh, look! More Texas CPS FAIL!”

  1. Sabra Morse Onstott Says:

    Plainly, it’s a good thing they took the child away. After all, with her parents going all Reefer Madness, she could have gotten hurt or killed or…Oops.

    Also, note that they took away one other child from this house. Standard procedure is to remove all children when one is deemed unsafe. Or do killer foster parents get more leeway than biological parents?

    • southtexaspistolero Says:

      Or do killer foster parents get more leeway than biological parents?

      It would almost surprise me if such was NOT the case.

  2. Timothy C. Look Says:

    The same thing happened in Maine some years ago. A former Dept of Human Services employee was given a child for foster care. That former employee murdered the child by smothering it with duct tape. The Dept. of Human Services tried to cover up the scandal but the truth came out because of good forensics. The court disallowed the charge of murder but allowed a manslaughter charge and then only gave a sentence that only amounted to a slap on the hand. I regret that Maine is a backwards state which does not allow for execution of criminals who have murdered children. I hope that this state will not cover up this murder and will call for capital punishment for the murderers of children at the hands of the State employees.(designees)

  3. That Guy Says:

    That just makes me sick.

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