So, I was totally gonna blog about this…

…but Sabra beat me to it. So just go read what she wrote.

(Nashvillians certainly do get provincial and defensive, don’t they?)

I dug both the Triggerman’s takes on it too, although I might beg to differ with this:

I don’t think anyone was under the impression that Florida Georgia Line cared about anything uttered by anyone over the age of 35 that wasn’t directly responsible for their success, but to see the duo say it themselves and disrespect a man who among other accomplishments held is own in a supergroup that included Bob Dylan and George Harrison, and has sold an estimated 60 million albums, is still quite shocking.

Shocking? Hardly. Anyone who’s paid any attention to anything those two half-witted jagoffs have said ought to know that they don’t have any respect for country music in general, let alone the people who have molded the genre up to now.

I remember in one of the comments to the story somewhere, a deejay at a new country station said “Just once, I’d like to see an old-timer who didn’t complain,” or something to that effect. Well fuck you, dude, you’re part of the problem, who gives a damn what you think? Sabra’s response:

“Yeah. Tom Petty is an old-timer. Just someone whose day has passed. NOT AN ICON AT ALL. Not one of the most influential people in rock music in the last three decades or so.”

Pretty much. And then there was this comment:

“every person over 35 has something negative to say (including Mr. Petty)”

Which is funny. I turned 35 late last year. But I’ve been saying the same thing Petty and his ilk have been saying for at least the last decade, if not longer than that.

So was I an old fart and jackass at 24? Maybe I was. But I am far from the only one.



6 Responses to “So, I was totally gonna blog about this…”

  1. Sabra Morse Onstott Says:

    I’m 33. I’ve been hating on Nashville since at least 1996. That town jumped the shark when Alabama recorded a song with some damn boy band, if not before. And probably before.

  2. Sabra Morse Onstott Says:

    Also, in 24 years, no one’s going to have a fucking clue what “Cruise” was, but everyone’s still going to be singing “Free Fallin'”.

  3. southtexaspistolero Says:

    Alabama recorded a song with some damn boy band

    1999. N’Sync. “God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You.” I remember the first time I heard that. I was like, “what in the blue fuck is this?” I didn’t think it could get any worse. I was quite obviously wrong, as Rascal Flatts made their debut the next year, and on it went, to what we have now.

    • Sabra Morse Onstott Says:

      I knew what the song was, but couldn’t remember the boy band. I was thinking 98 Degrees. I can’t tell any of them apart; never could. And of course Alabama had done their own version of the song a little earlier, and there was the John Michael Montgomery “I Swear” that came out at the same time as some other boy band (maybe that was 98D? too lazy to look it up) I think came out senior year. Hard to remember, ’cause I was already avoiding Nashville by that time. It’s hilarious that you have more questionable ’90s country than I.

      • southtexaspistolero Says:

        the John Michael Montgomery “I Swear” that came out at the same time as some other boy band (maybe that was 98D? too lazy to look it up) I think came out senior year.

        All-4-One. They covered not one but TWO John Michael Montgomery songs, the other being “I Can Love You Like That.” Their cover of that song was also big about the time the JMM version was burning up the charts, if I remember right.

        And it is funny. I really did like that stuff at the time, but a lot of it has not aged well at all. I don’t know if that’s just my changing tastes or what, but there you go.

      • Sabra Morse Onstott Says:

        You’re lucky I didn’t dump you over the Tim McGraw CD. Just sayin’.

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