In memory of Cowboy Jack Clement…

…who passed away today at 82, one of his best-known songs:

And the Lee Ann Womack version, which if I remember right was the first version I ever heard…


2 Responses to “In memory of Cowboy Jack Clement…”

  1. JD(not the one with the picture) Says:

    On an ACL tribute to TVZ years ago, Jack said (with amusement and maybe a little regret) that he hoped he wasn’t most remembered as the guy who added flute and strings to a Townes Van Zandt record. He was a very good songwriter and a great producer (hey, everybody gets a few wrong) and he will be missed. They ain’t making ’em like him anymore.

  2. southtexaspistolero Says:

    Yep. I think the song represented here is what I’ll remember him for. I never even knew about the thing with the Townes record. LOL…

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