Yep, that’s exactly what he did.

…or, Another one who needs to be made an example of:

Hearing his older sister describe in detail the milestones their mother would never witness — proms, weddings, becoming a grandmother — Christian Jacob Flores, 14, couldn’t keep his emotions inside any longer.

On the second day of testimony in the intoxication manslaughter trial of Jeffrey Eugene Theisen, 30, the boy jumped up from his seat with tears in his eyes, interrupted his sister’s testimony, and stormed over to the man who Thursday pleaded guilty to killing his mother.

“Look at what you did, you (expletive)!” he screamed at Theisen from inches away. “You took her away! You killed her!”

He continued screaming at Theisen, making guttural, strained, yells through tears as Bexar County sheriff’s deputies wrapped him up around the waist and nearly carried him from the courtroom.

That’s pretty much the long and short of it. Jeffrey Theisen might not have meant to kill Christina Renee Flores, but that’s exactly what he did. Because of his selfishness and negligence, Christina  Renee Flores is dead. And Mr. Theissen needs to pay the price for that. Oh sure, he might not have meant to do it. But the consequences of drinking and driving are quite well-known already. He knew what could happen, he chose to drink and drive anyway, and now someone’s dead because of that.

And I realize Mr. Theisen’s attorney was only doing his job when he called for a mistrial, but I still don’t think it’s right. Just like the jury should take into account Mr. Theisen’s remorse and his lack of a previous record, they should also take into account the pain he caused, as evidenced by Christian Flores’ addressing him. His victim’s family’s pain and anguish over their loss that he caused ought to count for at least something.

No, I haven’t had anyone I love killed by a drunk driver. And for that I am thankful. But I know Sabra has had a couple of close calls. If, God forbid, something like that happened to her, it’d be all I could do not to strangle the other driver right there on the witness stand.


One Response to “Yep, that’s exactly what he did.”

  1. kadja1 Says:

    My babysitter was in an accident when she was only 14–she and the others were drinking and driving. Her mother used the viewing of her body to make a point to her classmates and friends. “Is this the last thing you want your mother to see on *effing* Mother’s Day! Do you want your family to say goodbye to you this way?! Is this how you want your friends to see you?! Don’t do this to your family dammit! This is what driving drunk can land you in! This is bullshit! Happy Mother’s Day!” then she totally broke down. Those kids to this day have not touched a drop and gotten behind the wheel. They still talk about it.

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