Hoo-boy, somebody got worked up into a high dudgeon.

Behold, media conceit on display:

You were attacked last week.

As the old saying goes, it’s the hit dog that yelps.

Cooper, Petty and so many others confuse not liking something with it being bad, unable to be enjoyed or otherwise lacking merit.

And whoever wrote this unsigned editorial confuses liking something with it being good, able to be enjoyed, or having artistic merit, as we see below.

If 70 million people are deliberately listening to, buying albums of and tickets for – and seem generally pleased with – the mainstream music played on Country radio, doesn’t that have value?

No. (Can you say argumentum ad populum? I knew you could…) Just because 70 million people like crap music doesn’t make it NOT crap music.

Evidently, Cooper has no problem condescending to millions of his fellow Americans and, by extension, mainstream country artists, labels, producers, songwriters, musicians and countless others who work tirelessly to reach those radio listeners.

Oh man, if they’re going to get that worked up about Cooper’s comments, if they saw half the things I’ve said about mainstream country and its fans in the last few years, they would be demanding I be hanged!

Unfortunately, it’s probably too much to expect Cooper and The Tennessean to actually have country music’s – and Nashville’s – back.

Attn. Country Aircheck: Having country music’s back and having Nashville’s and country radio’s back are not one and the same, hmmkay?

I thought Peter Cooper’s piece was defensive enough, but this makes that look like child’s play. As wrong as I thought Cooper was, he was actually right when he said country music doesn’t need country radio anymore, at least as far as traditional over-the-air listening goes anymore. Granted, terrestrial radio does come in handy in a few select instances, such as when you have stations like 95.9 the Ranch out of Fort Worth and KNBT out of New Braunfels. Both of those stations are niche stations, playing stuff no one else does, but they’ve both carved out a pretty sizable online presence. I don’t know about KNBT, but 95.9 the Ranch doesn’t even show up in the Arbitrons for DFW. Yet they’ve been at it for what has to be a good 10 years or so, they’ve played nothing  but Texas country since 2008, and they’re still chugging along.

Honestly, with the way these people are trying to persuade others of their relevance, you’d think they were in the newspaper business instead of radio.

(h/t Country California)


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