So I am not the only one…

or so it would seem:

Regarding “Democrats push Davis to go for it” (Page B1, Thursday), after speaking with several longtime Democrats and Republicans, I realize as they do, that a Wendy Davis gubernatorial candidacy would cause one of the biggest overall defeats in Texas history – Democratic or Republican.

First, as Gov. Perry had virtually no competition in his three races, 20 to to 30 percent of the Republicans didn’t bother to vote. Have a single-issue pro-abortion candidate, Wendy Davis, and Republicans will come out of the woodwork in droves, which, by itself, will defeat her.

But the worst prospect is with the Democratic Party. You start out without the anti-abortion Hispanic Catholic vote, which you can’t win without; add in all the many other Catholics, independents and other folks who will not vote for the “pro-abortion” candidate, and you have a looming catastrophe.

But the worst situation arises when these folks do not pull the Democratic Party lever because of the top of the ticket. The down-ballot Democratic courthouses across Texas will be devastated, as every investigation of voting habits has proven about down-ballot voting.

To add to that debacle will be the election of many more tea party Republican legislators turning this election into a true, full-blown Democratic disaster, with a capital D.

Now, I am not sure how the whole tea party landslide would go. After all, that’s what was predicted for both 2010 and 2012, and it didn’t quite work out that way. But the rest of the letter was spot-on, in my opinion. We were at Whataburger this morning and a gaggle of old men were a couple of tables over, discussing politics. One of them said, “The Republicans could run any old four-legged jackass and win.”

And I said — loudly enough for them to hear, I am sure — “It’s not the Republicans’ fault that Abortion Barbie doesn’t poll for shit!”

(For what it’s worth, though, Sabra had the perfect retort to the running-a-jackass-and-winning thing: “That’s what they did in the last couple of elections!”)


2 Responses to “So I am not the only one…”

  1. Les Says:

    It will be interesting to watch Catheter Wendy now that she is suddenly a hero to the baby killers.

  2. kadja1 Says:

    Well they can put out all the money they want and send all the delegations they want–the bottom line is, the last good dem this state has WAS Ann Richards. She took very little crap from the fed and was tough on crime. As for this year’s election, I think any REPUB will beat that woman you mentioned for two reasons. Texans are fed up with how education is being ran. They are fed up with standardized testing, for starters and they are fed up with Common Core and C-Scope (Teachers and Parents)…They want their children to get critical thinking skills–something teaching to the test does not afford. They want emphasis to be on Math, English, Science and History and less on this bullshit social engineering and teaching to a test that has caused many educators to go to other fields–driving costs up in education for lack of keeping adequate staff.

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