Hoisted on his own petard.

Who? Eric Church, of course, speaking on Tom Petty’s recent controversial remarks on modern mainstream “country” music:

I don’t really have an opinion on that. I’m not sure how informed someone like that would be; I don’t know how much Tom Petty listens to country music.

It seems to me that Church is implying that if Tom Petty doesn’t listen to much country music then his opinion shouldn’t be taken seriously. While I might agree with that, there is this to contend with:

“I didn’t grow up listening to Hank Williams Sr. or Ernest Tubb,” Church told Playboy. “I grew up with rock and roll.”

So, let’s apply Church’s own reasoning to his own situation: Considering that he didn’t listen to country music when he was growing up, why should anyone give a damn what Eric Church thinks about the genre’s direction or anyone else’s opinion of its direction?

(h/t Country California)


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