Voter ID law = voter suppress…wait, what?

Well, isn’t this interesting?

Bexar County voters return to the polls in nine weeks, and for the first time they’ll be required to comply with the state’s new voter identification requirements….

Six common forms of photo ID, including a driver’s license, are accepted under the new law. Since late June, the state has offered a free ID to those without other accepted forms. Yet, as of Aug. 23, only eight “election identification certificates” had been issued statewide by the Texas Department of Public Safety, officials said last week.

“DPS driver license offices remain ready to assist and issue EICs to eligible individuals. Of the more than 80 inquiries we’ve received regarding EICs, many individuals already had the necessary photo ID required to vote,” DPS press secretary Tom Vinger said.

Quite enlightening, if you ask me. To hear some people talk, you’d have thought mandating an ID to vote was equivalent to Jim Crow and all its attendant horrors. Yet the tale is told here, with many people already having the ID they need and the DPS ready and willing to come to the aid of those who need help getting them. Given that, and the requirements for the EIC, I can’t help but think the groups who oppose Voter ID have much more sinister motives than they’re willing to let on.



2 Responses to “Voter ID law = voter suppress…wait, what?”

  1. Sabra Morse Onstott Says:

    The thing that always gets me is this: in order to get a library card, I have to show a photo ID. There is no way around this. In addition to that, in order to receive full privileges, I have to provide documentation of my address–I need to have mail with my address on it, and at least in the not-so-distant past, it had to be either a utility bill or from a State agency. I’ve never heard a single complaint, but of course libraries are run by liberals, so of course they can restrict your access.

    Libraries, of course, aren’t something considered either a right or a necessity by most people. But let’s look at “public” education. You need a picture ID, proof of residence, and ID for your kids (birth certificates) in order to enroll your children. And there’s a legal requirement that you school your children, albeit not necessarily publicly. I have YET to hear one single liberal decry these measures as being discriminatory to poor people and minorities, though they certainly are if you look at it from the standpoint they declare voter ID discriminatory. Of course, those barriers serve to keep the poor kids from creepin’ on the more-affluent school districts, so that’s OK. We can’t have ’em getting uppity.

  2. mick Says:

    The vast majority of fraud occurs in absentee ballots. If you’re concerned about it, why not start there instead of with ID laws?

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