Yeah, this is just who we need to be listening to.

…or, I can hardly believe what I am reading here:

A Yes vote (on military action in Syria) is in fact the easy vote. It’s actually close to risk-free. After all, it’s President Obama who is seeking the authorization to use force and who will order and preside over the use of force. It’s fundamentally his policy. Lots of Democrats voted in 2002 to authorize the Iraq war. When that war ran into trouble, it was President Bush and Republicans who paid the price. If the Syria effort goes badly, the public will blame President Obama, who dithered for two years, and who seems inclined to a halfhearted execution of any military campaign.

tl/dr: “Republicans should vote yes on sending our troops into another money-sucking foreign adventure! What the hell, Bamster’s gonna pay the price if it goes wrong, amirite? And if it goes right we look better for voting for it, and it could win us more elections!”

Wow. Just…wow. I think that’s the most brazenly cynical justification for military action that I’ve ever seen. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, considering the source; after all; I don’t believe William Kristol has ever met a war he didn’t like. But that’s still just…I mean, I don’t have the words for how shameful I find such a thing. And I know I sound like such a…peacenik, but I am at a loss as to why any self-respecting conservative or libertarian would or should take Kristol seriously — especially after this.



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