Well. I certainly was not expecting that.

I did expect it from Dianne Feinstein, of course, but not the San Antonio Express-News:

We have advocated in the past for universal background checks and an assault weapon ban. Incompatible with the Second Amendment? Not if the concept of “guns in the wrong hands” has any meaning.

Expect what, you ask? Advocacy of a ban of a gun that was not even used in the Navy Yard shooting. It just goes to show you, of course, that anti-gunners are utterly shameless, that they have no compunction about using tragedy to further their goals.

And really, from all the indications that I’ve seen, the Navy Yard shooter was a ticking time bomb that probably should have been locked up. But still no one’s talking about that. Why?

And then there’s this, from the Houston Chronicle:

For craven lawmakers, though, in thrall to the gun lobby and Second Amendment absolutists, neither this mass killing nor the next will make a difference. Mention Colorado to them, and their immediate thought will be, not the killings at Aurora or Columbine, but the recent recall election that bounced two state senators out of office because of their support for sensible (sic) gun restrictions.

Ahem. No, that recall mainly had to do with the fact that Morse and Giron more or less told their constituents to go to hell. The fact that they supported the gun laws was just a part of it. The futility and wrongness of said laws has already been discussed in this space before, so no need to go over it again, but as far as the recall itself goes, why shouldn’t Angela Giron and John Morse have been recalled? They were quite clearly ignoring the will of their constituents, and for that alone they had to go. They weren’t elected to vote their own consciences. They were elected to represent the consciences of their constituents. I know it’s a sticky situation because the wishes and tolerance of the electorate don’t always jibe with morality, but if an elected representative’s constituents don’t think said elected representative is representing them as they think they should be representative, and if they give a damn enough to organize a recall election — let alone actually recall them — who the hell do the members the Houston Chronicle editorial board think they are to tell them that they’re wrong?



3 Responses to “Well. I certainly was not expecting that.”

  1. GomeznSA Says:

    If you weren’t ‘expecting’ such a stance from the e-n, you should have been. They are as much in the tank for liberal causes as the wa-po is. Yet another reason why I will not ever subscribe to them again.

  2. Les Says:

    The ‘concept of “guns in the wrong hands”’, does mean something. It means guns in the hands of anyone not corrupt or criminal.

  3. mick129 Says:

    How do you propose locking up a ticking time bomb such as that without some sort of nation-wide free mental health care?

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