Just a thought.

inspired by this story:

Maryland residents have been buying guns in record numbers before a law takes effect Tuesday, with provisions aimed at helping keep guns away from criminals and the mentally ill, strengthening safety training and banning 45 types of assault weapons.

Presumably an undetermined number of criminals and the mentally ill are among the people buying guns in Maryland in the run-up to these laws taking effect. After all, the background checks are ostensibly not enough to keep them from getting guns, hence the advocacy for yet more laws that punish the law-abiding and enrich the criminals — after all, they’ll still be able to get their guns pretty much by definition.

Which should make you wonder — what is the point of these laws other than to kill the gun culture in Maryland? After all, the background checks don’t stop the criminals, and we’re all seemingly bound and determined to let them walk free and predate at will with whatever’s legal for them to own (knives, matches, gasoline, tire tools, etc.) in addition to the guns they’re willing to break the laws to get.

Could it be that Maryland elected officials just don’t care about the well-being of their law-abiding citizens when all the bullshit is cut through? Sure looks that way.


3 Responses to “Just a thought.”

  1. 3boxesofbs Says:

    They say the state also failed to prepare properly for implementation after Gov. Martin O’Malley, who is considering a run for the White House in 2016, pushed the complicated measure through the General Assembly to build his credentials for a potential Democratic primary race.

    Political Posturing for the next presidential election – not really interested an if it works, if it deprives people of their rights….just trying to win at any cost.

    • southtexaspistolero Says:

      But…I just don’t know. Why do it with an issue that’s a proven loser on the national level? I mean, Bamster didn’t have a record of actually implementing gun control. O’Malley WILL.

  2. 3boxesofbs Says:

    Because “everything has changed after…(insert “Sandy Hook, Washington Naval Yard, Columbine, Cain killing Able, Next Mass shooting ” here).

    Right now before the election, he has to win the base and the base wants gun control. They want someone with a proven record of implementing. Barry never did (never did anything else but besides the point).

    Notice the focus of the comment, not the presidential election but the ‘primary race’. He can push hard during the primary, move centrist during the election campaign while promising restrictions — heck if they aren’t too onerous, it seems like many pro-gun rights advocates would vote for him. (Yeah, the recent Open Carry kerfuffle has me cynical right now).

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